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Ian addressed the members and guests of the Executives Association of Great Britain in October 2011, and talked to us about an intensely personal and moving story, in a very controlled way.  As an accomplished speaker who knows how to gauge his audience, he also knows how to deliver his message in the most powerful and meaningful way.  For a group of business leaders who are accustomed to more practical topics, the pitch was perfect and everyone present could not help but be moved on a topic of ‘Open Your Minds’.

Andrea Matyszcyk – Director of Operations

“I’ve known Ian Oakley now for over 5 years and I consider him both a colleague and a friend. His passion and enthusiasm in delivering his offerings and the work ethic he displays brings great credit to him and his organisation. He delivers value added to his clients, be they potential clients for Ecotekwater – for Healthy water technology, or Ecotekair – the Air Purification technology. His entire modus operandi and business style exemplifies honour and integrity of the highest order. I do not hesitate in recommending Ian to any organisation contemplating doing business with him.” October 6, 2010

Joe Adams, Group Chairman, The Academy for Chief Executives