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How can human illness be that simple

Posted on: December 28th, 2011

The following passage comes from a book I read recently, it sums up everything I do and believe in, with such awesome passion;

…in one scene we watched a conference meeting involving representatives from many medical fields, some scientists were arguing that the entire field of medicine had to change its point of view if we were ever going to solve the riddle of human disease, including the arterial lesions of heart disease, the tumors of cancer, and the degenerative illnesses such as arthritis, lupus and MS.

These scientists were arguing that the true cause of disease of every type was the polluting of the body’s basic environment by the foods we were eating and other toxins, shifting the body from the healthy vibrant, alkaline state of youth, to a dull, low-energy acid state, which created a climate in which microbes flourish and begin to systematically decompose the body.

Every ailment, they argued, is the result of this slow decomposition of our cells by microbes, but they don’t attack us without cause. It is the air that we and our food-stuff’s breathe and then the food-stuffs that we consume that set us up for these problems.

Others in the room had trouble accepting these findings.

Something had to be wrong they thought.

How could human illness be that simple?

The extract, with a little twist to include air, comes from The Secret of Shambhala – James Redfield printed in 1999