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Ian encourages you all to take a look at your life’s journey, set your goals, map them, live them and enjoy the discovery of your true purpose.

The late Jim Rohan said: “work hard on your job but work harder on yourself”. I’m not sure that I truly believe these words, as ‘when and if’ you discover and service your true purpose in Life, you’re so energised and fulfilled that it’s just a pleasure to service that need….

In the late 90’s working with one of his business colleagues in the USA, Ian and Darrell began to apply technologies that were invented many years ago to help treat others suffering from degenerative diseases. The impact and benefit was beyond all expectations and since that date they have continued their journey of helping others in this way. Ian is now reaching further into the study and use of Life’s Energy and Alignment to better understand and facilitate the healing processes, so read more about Ian’s personal journey.

Originally a Professional Engineer, Ian soon began to work in the design of technologies for use in finite measurement and stability within the realms of International Standards, but the ‘pull’ and the ‘excitement’ of new technologies and methodologies so influenced Ian’s career path that he found himself heading up the Special Products Division for the largest UK machine tool manufacturer.

Introducing new manufacturing concepts into the International market place soon became Ian’s way of life, as McDonnell Douglas recruited him to form and spearhead their new C.I.M. Division bringing together a multi-faceted organisational structure, an exercise he was to repeat once again, but this time for Computervision working in the Cad/Cam arena, with Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Manufacturing/Business Management as the core strategy.

On a personal note, Ian was a professional Ten-pin Bowler and the Manager/Coach for the Great Britain and England teams and was double Gold medallist with his wife in the British ‘mens’ doubles championship