Personal Journey

Life’s a miracle – a story by Ian Oakley, Torchbearer member

I’m Ian Oakley, born in 1954, married in 1979 to Pamela Ann Smith, and enjoyed a wonderfully successful professional business career in senior positions within International companies. Head-hunted for the last three positions and travelled the world training and speaking around Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

Our first child, Leanne, arrived in 1985 and our second, Arron, duly arrived in 1988, life was bliss, everything we worked and planned for happened for us until 1991. If only the ‘story’ could have ended there…but in November 1991 Pamela was declared as having cancer and given less than a year to live!

A year of madness followed, but in spite of everything that I and the various consultants tried, Pamela left us on October 31st 1992! Having already lost my father and mother to this dreadful disease, I’d now lost my wife and childhood sweetheart (we met in 1970) and mother to our children.

Life’s journey is nothing if not strange and yet somehow wonderful in all that transpires, I still continually question all that has happened, but in 1993, I married Kimberley, who incidentally had lost her husband in an awful accident only three months before Pam left us, leaving her with their three-month old son, Darryl.

With Yasmin joining Leanne, Arron and Darryl in 1995, we now have four wonderful children who now join with ‘Mum and Dad’ to take ‘The Oakleys’ even further…..

You’d think that would be it wouldn’t you, and there have been many times that I have thought about a book entitled, “It happens in Books, Movies and to other People!” ..… there’s the background.

But in 2002, I was declared as having cancer, a growth in my throat was preventing me from eating and swallowing properly, and quite honestly scared me more than I’d ever been scared before…. the consultants sent me for every test imaginable and for those that have been there or have been close to someone that has, you know what the tests alone can do to you.

The message went out from our church, family, friends and many hundreds of people reached out in prayer from all corners of the world and six days later I went into surgery to have the growth removed, or as much of it as they could…but my vocal chords were threatened.

The day came for the operation, the pre-med completed, and theatre beckoned – I was as nervous and as scared as one could be.

I awoke with Kimberley by my side and the consultant arriving at my bedside, with the news that they were unable to remove the growth…in fear all that I could ask was why?

The answer – the growth had gone! yes, totally gone! other than some residual redness. Where had it gone, how had it gone, why me?

In the next few days, I shed more tears than I could ever have imagined possible, and even as I review this story, I shed even more and still do, regularly…

Since that day, my journey has taken me far. I now speak about Healthy Living Technologies, encouraging people to share their own journey and experiences. The more people I meet the more I learn in this ’Health and Wellness’ arena, and the theme of ‘Complimentary Technologies and Therapies’ continually visits with me, some of which have been hidden since the 1930′s, and yet are so powerful that the world ‘should’ hear and know about them.

As a ‘key-note’ speaker “Open your Minds” has been well received and finally for the first time in far too many years, I am speaking about my journey and what is really dear to my heart, people… encouraging and enlightening all to take the first step in caring for themselves and this wonderful machine which we call our body.

I’ve been wonderfully blessed that over the past twenty years, I’ve read much, been to see and meet the author of ’The Journey’, and likewise the author of The Field and The Intention Experiment, from which I can now begin to understand the immense power in all of those prayers that helped to bring about my own healing. I’ve witnessed healing and cleansing with natural enzymes from vegetables and other wonderful fruits, and learned to hydrate the body properly with micro-clustered water containing free electrons and more anti-oxidants than I could have imagined and heard from the pioneer of the Colonoscopy to better understand his methodologies and beliefs. I utilise what is now termed by some as an ‘Electronic Test Device’, the foundation of which has been around since the 1930′s, and Kimberley and I have enjoyed the pleasure of visiting and working with our teams in Australia and now understand the energising effect of Cobalt Blue when used with various substances… there just seems to be no end to the learning once you ‘Open your Minds’.

After suffering a major heart attack in January 2013, resulting in a triple bypass, I have taken time to heal, strengthen and am now encouraged to rejoin my family once again in taking our environmental technologies even further, ‘the oakleys’ will once again take up their journey.

I feel that the knowledge gained has grown exponentially over the years, and even more importantly, I still seem to be given the opportunity to pass on some of this knowledge to others that are willing to listen and join with Thomas Edison when he says, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”.

My gifts, continually brought to me and my loved ones by powers that transcend my understanding is another chance to enjoy and fulfil my journey. My gift is to try and share this journey and the learning that I continually gain from so many talented and gifted people, in the hope that one person may listen and benefit, and then tell another.