Over twenty years ago, Air Purification wasn’t even thought of let alone understood, and yet smoking in pubs, clubs, restaurants and public places was common place, nobody talked or even thought about the threats of secondary cancer, stale air or even sick building syndrome.

Back then, I was privileged to be introduced to a gentleman who had harnessed the concept of creating Nature’s own Cleansing Power in a box, the homes of North America were even beginning know this technology as ‘Thunder in a Box’.

Through him, Kimberley and I were given the opportunity to take his technology to the International market place. So, our journey with this unique and amazing technology began, travelling the World promoting and educating whilst setting up International Distributors.

Now the World understands a little more about Airborne bacteria, along with the fact that this technology has evolved, developed and become even more powerful, along with the current challenging environment, the time could not be better for all to consider and begin to introduce a cleaner environment to our own living and working environments…

Thanks to GreenTech Environmental, who continue to take these technologies even further, we offer you the opportunity to positively impact not only your home, but also your office space…

If this is of interest to you…please contact me